It is essential the entire group is aware of the following Terms and Conditions. The person who makes the booking is responsible for ensuring that all their party is aware of the Terms & Conditions and that they are adhered to.


Please note that the following Terms and Conditions are to be upheld in addition to our usual Terms and Conditions. Please be aware we are a Low Noise Policy campsite, many thanks.

  1. For bookings than more than 2 wigwams/yurts/pitches, this must be discussed with the office before any bookings are made. All members of the group will need to have seen the terms and conditions, and confirmed via email that they are acceptable. As a group booking, all monies to be paid in advance. The group’s orgnaiser is responsible for collecting the deposits and final balances which are required to secure the booking. 6 units is the maximum amount for a group booking, apart from New Years Eve where the maximum is 2 units. 
  2. Once a group booking is confirmed, then any additional bookings must be brought to our attention.
  3. All those attending will need to call into our Reception to identify themselves and collect their security tag.
  4. Only those guests originally booked are permitted to stay on site. Any extra guests will only be permitted on site at the site owner’s discretion. If extra guests are permitted to stay, then extra charges will be incurred. This also applies to any extra cars - they must be signed in and placed in the car park. The site owners also need to know about any day guests (ie, those not staying the night). They will also need to sign in at reception.
  5. No music is permitted on site.
  6. You are NOT permitted to bring your own campfire - we can provide a fire pit for you at the cost of £10 per pit per night. If you bring your own firepit/campfire, it will be confiscated. Please DO NOT use any branches, timber or other items you may find around the campsite in your fire pit - only use the timber provided.
  7. When enjoying yourselves here at Humble Bee Farm, particularly at night, please be considerate of your neighbours. Noise levels MUST be kept to a minimum after 9.30pm. If this rule is contravened, then the site owners reserve the right to ask noisy/disruptive guests to leave. We are a Low Noise Policy campsite.
  8. Children must be kept under control during your stay. The play park opens at 9am and closes at 9pm. If there is excessive noise, we reserve the right to close the play park at any time.
  9. Humble Bee Farm is a quiet, peaceful, rural haven and is not the site for you if you want a ‘party’ venue.
  10. Any rubbish must be collected and placed in the red BIFFA bin.
  11. We have recycling facilities close to reception for glass, cardboard and paper.
  12. You are not permitted to bring transit vans or similar to Humble Bee Farm if it has lettering on the side. Please call us in advance for more information.
  13. Due to Health and Safety Regulations, you will be asked the size of your tent/tourer/campervan/motorhome at time of booking. It is your responsibility to give us the correct dimensions at the time of booking. We reserve the right to refuse tent/tourer/campervan/motorhome if information provided is incorrect.
  14. If bringing dogs with you, we need to know how many and the breed(s). They must be on a lead at all times. Dogs are charged at a daily rate.We need to know in advance how many dogs will be in the party.
  15. We reserve the right to ask any group to leave the site if these Terms and Conditions are not upheld, without refunds.
  16. We don't give refunds in the event of cancellations etc.
  17. Please note: Humble Bee Farm reserves the right to add or remove Special Offers for any its holiday accommodation at short notice and at any time. Special Offer prices/tariffs do not apply to existing bookings that were taken at an earlier date when the regular tariff still applied. We are sorry, but we are unable to alter or move existing bookings to Special Offer dates, tariffs or prices. All Special Offers are subject to availability and our Full Terms, Conditions and Restrictions apply. 

Terms and Conditions will be adhered to at all times.